La Maddalena Islands

La Madallena – A Sailing Paradise Between Corsica and Sardinia

la maddalena islands sailing charterThe islands of La Maddalena are no doubt the best kept secret in the Mediterranean. With turquoise lagoons, deserted islands and the most heavenly beaches in Europe. To visit La Maddalena is a wonderful experience on one of our all inclusive, private sailing charters.

Suspended between Sardinia and Corsica, this small collection of seven islands has the clearest waters and the most spectacular beaches in Europe, with barely a footprint to spoil them.

A Sailing Adventure In The Mediterannean Like No Other

La Maddalena

La Maddalena is the largest town in the Maddalena archipelago, it is full of colourful eighteenth century buildings, narrow streets and all paved with granite slabs coming from the numerous active quarries in the past (now inactive) and rich granite.

Rich in history, architecture, secret covers and incredible beaches, the wild and immaculate nature of the islands has resulted in resulted in them becoming the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

Cala Spalmatore is the perfect beach for diving, swimming or just relaxing on a fine, white sand. Shallow waters, with stunning pink rocks, make this beach the ideal location for to relax and just absorb the serenity.

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Connected to La Madellena by bridge, this island has been declared a natural reserve for the resident seabirds, the royal seagull, cormorant and peregrine falcon, among other wildlife, which make it’s the perfect island for exploring and adventure. It also includes the Cala Serena, which is famous for being the most romantic beach in the world! 


Home to the incredible Spiaggia Rosa (the pink beach) it takes name from the characteristic pink colour of the sand, due to breakage of the shells of tiny marine animals.

Santo Stefano

An authentic natural paradise. Perfectly integrated in the beautiful Madallena Islands, with the characteristic pink granite rocks that catching the eye and the beautiful clear waters ideal for diving, snorkelling and exploring. 

Santa Maria

la maddalena yacht charters in sardiniaThe beach of Cala Drappo is a half-moon of light-coloured stones and pebbles which plays with a splendid sea, whose colours range from blue to green. In the background, the beach is edged by rounded pink rocks


Cala Corsara the most spectacular beach in the Mediterranean accessible only by sea, a true adventure and privacy guaranteed. 


Reachable only by sea, The beach of Cala Lunga is located in a creek to the south of the island of Razzoli, at the Bocche di Bonifacio, and it is characterized by very thin white sand, and a crystal clear sea.

Discover the The Madallena Islands on an All Inclusive Sailing Charter

As you can see from the pictures, La Maddalena is truly somewhere special. Your private charter can begin from either Sardinia or Corsica and includes the opportunity to explore both these main islands as well. Nathalie and I can tailor your sailing trip to suit your needs, whether it's one week, two or three, on a beautiful monohull or catamaran. It all depends on what you want to do and the type of sailing holiday you desire.

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