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Private Charter in Greece

When I received the call to help with a private charter out of Athens last summer, it was a pleasure to organise a Bavaria 56 for my clients. The brief was to go sailing for two weeks, heading north to see how far we could get sailing along the island of Evia. Leaving Epidavros, Nathalie joined me and we sailed east towards Athens past Poros and out into the Saronic Gulf. A highlight was aailing past the temple of Poseidon, just south of Athens. There's very little left of this 6th-century temple but once it was a magnificent building giving sanctuary to fugitives and wrecked sailors. Apparently in the 18th century it was mostly dismantled and the materials used to build a monastery on Hydra.C'est la vie!

One thing about sailing in Greece though is you can't escape the history. We sailed past Marathon and you can't help but think what happened here thousands of years ago.

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