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Beautiful Sailing on Fantastic Catamaran

It's not too often you get the call to help with a passage on a Catana 62 so the voyage from Les Sables d'Olone to Vigo in Spain was going to be an interesting passage. The owner Paul was a little light handed and so I answered the call to add some experience to the crew and assist him with the passage across the Bay of Biscay. Well after 4 days holed up in Ribadeo because of high winds offshore, we finally left this morning. There was a bit of excitement on board as the large swell looked like it was closing out across the bay occasionally. Heading out to sea meant a well timed run between sets.

Once out to sea though, conditions were pretty nice in the large rolling seas. Pleasant motoring along the coast of Galacia after we pulled them main down cause of a lack of wind.

Next stop Viveria about 4 hours away for an overnight stopover.

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