Sailing Tuition

Sailing Tuition

Specialising In Own Boat Tuition

Are you relatively new to yacht ownership? Introducing your wife or partner to sailing and need a gentle hand to provide guidance and instruction? Or maybe stepping up to a larger yacht and need some assistance? I can  guide you through the early stages of yacht ownership, or for the more experienced, help you to improve your personal skills and become more confident. The advantages are that you can learn at your own pace and get used to the handling of your own boat without the pressure of being part of a structured sailing course.

What If I Don't Have My Own Boat?

That is not a problem. We have the flexibility to organise any type of yacht that suits your particular learning needs. For example, you may want to concentrate on getting your skills up to speed on a 40' monohull because this is the type of boat you think you will be sailing most often in the future. We can organise the charter of the boat you require in the location that best suits you and tailor your tuition program to suit.

Tuition can be organised on a one on one basis, for couples, a family or a group. Just let me know what your requirements are and we can discuss making it happen.

Sailing Tuition Overview

Tuition will be tailored to suit individual requirements. If you have any knowledge gaps or would like to train with your own group of friends and family at a time of your choosing, I can address your needs directly with specialised personal coaching.

For example, you may wish to concentrate on one or more of the following areas

  • Safety

  • Boat Handling

  • Passage Making and Pilotage

  • Meteorology

  • Sail Trimming

  • Sails and Rig

  • Electronic Navigation

  • Night Sailing

You can contact me directly to discuss your personalised sailing tuition needs - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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